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EPS Roof Sandwich Panel

EPS roof sandwich panel is a structure made of three layers: low density polystyrene inserted in between two relatively thin skin layers.

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1. Brief:

EPS roof sandwich panel is a structure made of three layers: low density polystyrene inserted in between two relatively thin skin layers.This composite panel setup allows to achieve excellent mechanical performance at minimal weight. The EPS cement panel can be used as a interior wall sandwich panels,exterior composite wall panels etc

EPS board(expanded polystyrene panel) is qualitative light, cheap, low thermal conductivity, low water absorption, good electrical insulation, sound insulation, shockproof, moisture, and the advantages of molding process simple, and is widely used for buildings, ships, cars, trains, cold storage, frozen and other heat preservation heat insulation, sound insulation, earthquake resistant material.

2. Introduction:

Shanghai steel fashion industrial Co., Ltd is an comprehensive joint-stock enterprise,whose subordinate is Shanghai changjia caigang sandwich board Co., Ltd and Shanghai gongze steel structure Co., Ltd. We major in foam sandwich panel\color steel plate\steel structure production\installation and other services.

3. Wall panels mainly has several aspects affect the price,such as the thickness of the steel plate,function of panel,foam material&density, connection type etc

3.1 Demension:

a,b,c is necessary 


3.2 Panel Type:

Roof or Wall?

3.3 Connection Type

3.3.1 matchboard,normally used in modular house,tabernacle,clear room;


3.3.2 corss type connection,normally used in clear room wall and ceiling


3.3.3 Z type connection


3.3.4 Hidden type connection,normally used for outside wall panel


4. The EPS roof board has the following features:

4.1. The main structure of the building to protect and extend the life of the building.

4.2. Remove the "thermal bridge" in the past using insulation, "thermal bridge" is difficult to avoid, and effectively prevent the formation of thermal bridge, the heat preservation prevent dewing.

4.3. Make the roof moist condition improved,

4.4. To remain stable at room temperature, the use of external wall thermal insulation, because of its high wall heat storage capacity of structure layer in the inside wall, is conducive to remain stable at room temperature.5. Increase the using area of the building.Can avoid the secondary damage to the insulation decorate.


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