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Color Steel Cold Room EPS Panel

We are a professional manufacturer of different kinds of Color Steel Cold Room EPS Panel and Color Steel Cold Room EPS Panel.

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1.1.Nonflammable. Little shrinkage under ultra-low tempearture, not brittle.
1.2.Thermal insulation:The sandwich thermal insulation performance based on EPS thermal conductivity=0.043W/m2,testing according to corresponding proportion thickness EPS the calculation obtained.
1.3.Acoustic insulation : At the same time, the EPS sandwich panel performed with good acoustic insulation, it absorb sound within a relatively wide frequency range. According to ISO 35/85 standard, acoustic performance level of EPS sandwich panel meets DELTA LA=15.7Db(A)


Width: Wall panel: 950mm 1150mm 1200mm; Roof panel: 950mm 980mm
Length: According to customer' s request
Material: Polystyrene foam board(EPS), Color steel sheet
Structure: Upper and lower layer: Color steel sheet
Core material: polystyrene foam board or polyurethane foam board
Treatment:   Pressing
Thickness: Color steel sheet: 0.3-0.8mm 
Polystyrene foam board: 50mm 75mm 100mm 150mm 200mm
Density: 8-20kg/m3 Polystyrene
Life Period: 15-20 years
Package: PVC foil
Usage: various roofs and walls referring to the large size industry factory, storages, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, outdoor shelter etc.

3.1 Demension:

a,b,c is necessary 


3.2 Panel Type:

It’s for roof or for wall


3.3 Connection Type

3.3.1 matchboard,normally used in modular house,tabernacle,clear room;

  ◆advantage:price is cheaper and big facility

  ◆disadvantage:obviously nails after installation,empty space between seam,

3.3.2 corss type connection,normally used in clear room wall and ceiling

 ◆advantage:good isolation performance

 ◆disadvantage:lower facility with higher price,need nail when the length is long

3.3.3 Z type connection

 ◆advantage:seamless space between connection

3.3.4 Hidden type connection,normally used for outside wall panel

 ◆advantage: neil hiddened,can’t seen in front,good isolation performance,vertical and horizontal installtion is all available

 ◆disadvantage:higher cost


4. Insulation



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