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The application of the lightweight steel frame construction:Building insulation and energy saving technology

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The application of the lightweight steel frame construction:Building insulation and energy saving technology
Building insulation energy-saving technology The United States llightweight steel frame construction, the energy-saving insulation technology attaches great importance to the wall to ensure that the insulation effect, in addition to the general addition of glass fiber between the walls of the wall, in the wall and then paste a layer of insulation material , Effectively cut off the thermal bridge through the wall column to the outer wall panels; glass fiber joist filled between the floors to reduce the heat transfer through the floor; all interior wall wall columns are filled with glass fiber reinforced plastic, to reduce the wall The heat transfer between.

Determine the structure of steel and light steel structure, we can with some data comprehensive consideration and judgment:

1,crane lifting weight: no more than 25 tons, can be thought of as light steel structure.

2, less than or equal to 50 kg/sqm, can be regarded as light steel structure.

3, the main components: steel plate thickness more than or equal to 10 mm, steel structure.

2. Freature of lightweight gauge steel:

2.1)using efficient light thin walled profile,light weight,high strength,small occupied area.

2.2)components for automation,continuous,high precision production, product specification seriation,standard, form a complete set to change.

2.3)structure design,detail design,computer simulation,factory,construction site installation,etc.

2.4)profile after galvanizing, coating and anticorrosion, nice appearance is beneficial to reduce palisade and decorate cost.

2.5)easy to expand the column spacing and provide greater space space, can reduce the height and increase the building area

2.6)wide scope of application of new wall materials,extensive use of daylighting, ventilated condition is good.

2.7)indoor plumbing electrical line all hidden in the walls and floors, flexible layout, modify convenience.

2.8) house can move, all materials can be recycled will not result in a waste, in accordance with sustainable development strategy.


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