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Apple cabin house

The apple cabin house is an environmentally-friendly and economical movable board house with light steel as the skeleton, sandwich panel as the enclosing material, space combination with standard modular series, and bolted connection.

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Apple cabin house is designed for beach,mountain,forest..etc

"Apple Cabin house" creative building seems to be casual,but naturally dazzles the eyes.

Assembly type and modularization
Short construction period and removable design production
Superstrong reinforced concrete
Factory prefabricated and removability at any time
Thermal insulation and fire prevention
No foundation and rapid construction
Energy saving, land saving, material saving, water saving and environmental protection

The cabin belongs to you after pulling down the door,
Large floor-to-ceiling windows could make you contact nature at any time,
and lead the natural light to the greatest extent.
The required all-natural incident light from milk glazed window
seems to sleep under the sky full of starts in good weather.