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431 sqm light steel structure house

Light steel villas are special suitable for the travelling, the industrial or the family use. The beautiful design and high classic material meet the high requirement of the life in mind. We supply the excellent service in design according to the different condition and customer's different requirement. It meets the customer's requirement of easily to assemble, recycle using without any building garbage. 

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This is the description of 431 sqm light steel structure house


Pre-Sales Service
1. Consultant Service ( Answering client's questions)
2. Primary design plan
3. Assisting client to choose suitable constructing plan
4. Price calculation
5. Business & technology discussion
Sale Service
1.Submission of construction drawing
2.Construction Manual
3. Fabrication & Packing
4. Statistical table of material
5. Delivery on time
6. Other requirements by Clients
After-Sale Service
1. Service of installation supervision
2. Instruction for using after installation completed

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